Maintenance of electric heater

With the continuous improvement of society and science and technology, the safety, cleaning and efficiency requirements of heating are increasing, and the electric heater is due to its non-polluting, easy to control and maintain the advantages of low. The more favored. Then, the following small series will introduce you to how to properly maintain electric heater for your reference! 1, usually check the electric heater periodically check all indoor heater  electrical connections, including the degree of elasticity of the on-site connection terminals, insulation performance test for 1 year. 2, regularly check the elasticity of the electric heater tube plate and the container, check if there is a leakage, and check the junction box or wet signs, and re-tighten the terminal connector according to the situation, remove all corrosion signs. 3, if the electric heater is damaged, do not continue to use the new use. 4, when the electric heater is installed at a lower ambient temperature, considering safety measures should be considered to prevent the heater from refrigerating the heater;

5, before using the heater The gas source, the heater can be powered on the heater after the gas source, and the flow rate is stable, and the heater can be powered on

6, and if the gas suddenly stops, then the power should be cut off immediately. 7. Regularly check, measure and correct whether the insulation layer is intact.

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