Postpartum Belly Fat – You Can Burn it Away

Despite the postpartum belly fat that most brand-new moms experience, there’s nothing like finally cuddling your precious baby in your arms after nine long months of waiting, is there? The cute little nose, the little bald head, the delicate and perfect little ten fingers and ten toes. It makes all the morning sickness, weight gain and discomfort worth it, doesn’t it?

I know the feeling well. I had two big, beautiful babies of my own, only fifteen months apart – almost “Irish twins.” My first baby, my beautiful daughter, weighed in at 9 pounds 3 ounces. My wonderful son was even bigger, at 10 pounds 2 ounces. Cesarean babies are almost always put into incubators; but my babies were so big, they took up the whole incubator right from day one!

Not only were both babies huge, both of them were born not naturally, but surgically, by Cesarean. So I was left with some serious postpartum belly fat and abdominal weakness from the surgery, too.

What creates the postpartum belly? Any mom will know that part of the cause is the stretching of tissues during pregnancy. Not only is it the physical stretching due to the growing baby, but hormones are released in late pregnancy that help loosen tendons and other tissues in preparation for the birth. Add onto that some fat gain and possibly Cesarean surgery, and you’ve got that poochy, loose skin around the middle.

So, what’s a new mom to do about the postpartum belly problem? First, you must be patient with yourself. We all want to be like that “pregnancy Barbie doll” – the slim belly just snaps back into place after the birth, doesn’t it? No, it doesn’t quite work that way. Your body is full of hormones for a while after giving birth, and these hormones make your body hang onto the fluids and fat for a while. It’s nature, and nature doesn’t switch things around instantly, especially in the postpartum belly area.

Your body wants to have enough resources on board to make nourishing milk for the baby. As you embark on your quest to recapture your 產後調理 slim, sexy body, remember that with some work, you’ll get there, but the weight loss might take a bit longer than you want.

The postpartum belly will yield to your efforts. Start slowly and always follow your doctor’s advice. When you take the baby out in the stroller for walks, start with just a walk around the block. Alternately, walk the baby stroller around a local mall or shopping center. At first, especially if you are recovering from a Cesarean, take a companion with you if possible. When you are stronger, extend your walks, and make them brisker. The fresh air and activity will do both you and the baby a world of good!

It’s especially important now to watch your posture. Stand up nice and tall and keep your feet pointing straight ahead of you. As a new nursing mother, there is sometimes a tendency to start to slouch, what with the extra weight of the milk, fatigue from being up with the baby at night, and from carrying the growing baby in your arms. Pull your shoulders straight back and hold your head up high as you walk. Be sure to drink lots of water. Avoid sugary drinks, as those will disturb your sugar and insulin levels, and possibly the baby’s too, if you are nursing.


Once you are stronger and have regained some tone in your core, you can become much more ambitious in eliminating the postpartum belly fat and looseness. There are many great new exercise programs out that can help you spend less time in the gym than ever before, and help you burn fat quickly. A quick online search will get you a long list of programs to try. Pay attention to your nutrition, too. You may want something sugary for a quick boost, but you should go back to basics and have nutritious, healthful foods that will sustain you over the long term and bring you vitality, not just a quick sugar-rush that will inevitably leave you depleted an exhausted. The belly and postpartum fat can be handled, but you don’t want to damage your health in the process.


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