What kinds of industrial aluminum product fences?

Speaking that many people in the fence think of home fences or guardrails used on highways, in fact, there is also a fence to use industrial aluminum profiles, mainly in the fences of major factory workshops, collectively referred to as industrial aluminum fences. Industrial aluminum profiles can be built according to the needs of different customers, without welding, simple production, short construction period, and recycling, which is beneficial to factory later renovation.

Aluminum products fence include aluminum profiles, automatic protective fence, robot work station fence, curved screen fence, these fences are to establish a security scope in the equipment to divide security, prevent personnel Or directly contact the device directly, and Custom Aluminium Fabrication the safety warning effect is usually used with the alarm and power-off equipment. The frame portion uses aluminum profiles, as well as wire mesh, acrylic acid, PC and other plates. Expansive bolts are mounted through annex to aluminum profiles to connect aluminum profiles and grounds!

There are seven species of common fence structures: Lian Da-grade aluminum profile safety fence, associated font protection fence, Japanese-character aluminum profile fence, word type equipment protection fence, f Safety fence, aluminum profile organic glass protective fence, mesh robot safety fence. These aluminum profiles can be customized according to customer needs to meet different needs.

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